ROSIES provides a platform for every employee to proudly
demonstrate their diverse abilities


ROSIES 4Purpose Ventures™ create market wage
jobs, with local partners.

Education and Engagement

ROSIES creates opportunities for personal and professional growth
while building a more accessible community.

ROSIES creates employment opportunities that empower people
with diverse abilities through professional development and social enterprise.

ROSIES uses the term “diverse abilities” to promote an open and positive approach to working with colleagues, including those with a disability. We focus on ability, expertise, commitment to a cause, experience, and personal qualities that an employee contributes to the organization they represent.

Join ROSIES in challenging a national average of


unemployment for adults with disabilities.

For every $1 invested in ROSIES



to job creation



to education



to engagement

ROSIES 4Purpose Ventures are committed to revising this statistic, while creating meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Your investment will allow us to continue to push towards employment equality and empowerment for everyone.