Autism And Employment


ROSIES creates 4Purpose™ social enterprises, that empower people with diverse abilities. These ventures are owned and operated by ROSIES, and all profits generated are reinvested into our future ventures. Every ROSIES venture provides Education, Engagement, Employment, and Empowerment, for every employee and customer.


We believe that every interaction is an opportunity for education. We provide social and technical supports, and on the job training in a variety of settings. Every ROSIES employee leaves the office with the ability to self advocate, and teach others about their own diverse abilities.


ROSIES is committed to creating accessible workplaces which provide experiential opportunities for individuals and organizations. We collaborate with local business partners, to spread awareness for our cause and challenge customers to appreciate everyone’s diverse abilities and make the modern workplace more accessible.


People with disabilities and their families have practical supports
in place that enable them to build a more secure future.



autism and employment


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